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Patient Stories

  1. What men should know about prostate cancer screening.
    Prostate cancer is a disease of contradictions. It’s traditionally considered to be an “old man’s disease”, but it’s now showing up in younger men. It’s easily treatable, and if found early, has a survival rate over 95%. But it’s a slow-growing cancer with few [...]
  2. Treating cancer with technology and compassion.
    In 28 years, Vicki Prader, Chief Therapist at Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, has treated hundreds of patients with every type of cancer [...]
  3. Jody’s Story: Together, we fought breast cancer
    At age fifty, Jody had a good life. She enjoyed a close relationship with her family. Her husband had just started a new job, and her two sons were doing well. Then she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer [...]
  4. This month let’s give thanks for caregivers.
    November is Awareness Month for lung cancer, pancreatic and stomach cancers, but it’s also a time to recognize caregivers – family and friends who provide invaluable physical and emotional support to help cancer patients through their treatment on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Mike | Prostate cancer
    Mike doesn’t let anything slow him down. After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, this avid cyclist chose MRO for radiation therapy.
  6. Mary | Breast cancer
    Mary was 35 weeks pregnant when she learned she had breast cancer.
  7. Ron | Anal cancer
    When Ron was diagnosed with anal cancer, he turned to his faith first.
  8. Brad | Prostate cancer and Melissa | Breast cancer
    After Melissa learned she had breast cancer, she knew exactly who to turn to for advice on radiation therapy: her father, Brad

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