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Patient Stories

  1. Choose Minneapolis Radiation Oncology with confidence.
    Fighting cancer is a courageous journey. Having confidence in the treatment plans and the specialists you chose to best fight your specific cancer with personalized care is vital to your success. So it’s essential to have confidence in the care team that will be your guides along the way. [...]
  2. What men should know about prostate cancer screening.
    Prostate cancer is a disease of contradictions. It’s traditionally considered to be an “old man’s disease”, but it’s now showing up in younger men. It’s easily treatable, and if found early, has a survival rate over 95%. But it’s a slow-growing cancer with few [...]
  3. Treating cancer with technology and compassion.
    In 28 years, Vicki Prader, Chief Therapist at Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, has treated hundreds of patients with every type of cancer [...]
  4. Jody’s Story: Together, we fought breast cancer
    At age fifty, Jody had a good life. She enjoyed a close relationship with her family. Her husband had just started a new job, and her two sons were doing well. Then she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer [...]
  5. This month let’s give thanks for caregivers.
    November is Awareness Month for lung cancer, pancreatic and stomach cancers, but it’s also a time to recognize caregivers – family and friends who provide invaluable physical and emotional support to help cancer patients through their treatment on a day-to-day basis.
  6. Mike | Prostate cancer
    Mike doesn’t let anything slow him down. After he was diagnosed with prostate cancer, this avid cyclist chose MRO for radiation therapy.
  7. Mary | Breast cancer
    Mary was 35 weeks pregnant when she learned she had breast cancer.
  8. Ron | Anal cancer
    When Ron was diagnosed with anal cancer, he turned to his faith first.
  9. Brad | Prostate cancer and Melissa | Breast cancer
    After Melissa learned she had breast cancer, she knew exactly who to turn to for advice on radiation therapy: her father, Brad

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