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Meet your MRO care team

At Minneapolis Radiation Oncology, you’ll have a team of specialists from various disciplines who are focused on your unique needs, and will work together to plan and deliver custom-designed treatments. We also have many resources available to help you with any questions you may have on billing, transportation, nutrition and more.

Radiation oncologists

Your MRO radiation oncologist will be a specialist in using radiation to treat cancer. He or she will work with your other physicians to determine the most effective way to treat your cancer, and will custom design a treatment plan to meet your needs.

Radiation oncology nurses

MRO’s radiation oncology nurses are specifically trained to manage your care. They’ll work closely with your radiation oncologist throughout your treatment, and can answer any questions and concerns you or your family may have. Your nurse will assist you with your medications and any necessary referrals.

Medical radiation physicists

MRO radiation physicists monitor the advanced equipment in our treatment centers to ensure that the proper amount of radiation is being produced and delivered safely and accurately.

Medical dosimetrists

MRO’s medical dosimetrists will help plan your treatment. He or she will assist your physician in calculating radiation dosages based on your radiation oncologist’s prescription and overall treatment goals.

Radiation therapists

MRO’s radiation therapists are specially trained to run our advanced equipment and ensure you receive the precise treatment prescribed by your radiation oncologist. When you enter the treatment area, your therapist will properly align the area of your treatment with the radiation beams, and will be in continuous communication with you during treatment.

Medical secretaries

An MRO medical secretary will greet you at the reception desk and assist you in scheduling appointments, gathering information, and maintaining your records.

Other personnel

MRO Radiation Therapy Centers actively participate in training students for careers in radiation oncology. Under the supervision of MRO staff, you may see individuals receiving clinical training in medical physics, dosimetry, and radiation therapy technology.