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MRO is like a second family to me. We share successes and genuinely care about one another's well-being.
― Jamie, Medical Billing Specialist
I love working with a small, close-knit team.
― Becky, Radiation Therapist, MRO | Mercy
We see people 20-30-40 times over the course of their treatment, so we do have the opportunity to establish a real relationship with our patients.
― Amanda, Radiation Therapist, MRO | New Richmond
I take pride in my leadership role in the clinic and the fulfillment I get from having my voice heard and respected by my colleagues.
― Sarah, Physicist, MRO | North Memorial
All our physicists have the same American Board of Radiology (ABR) certification as our radiation oncologists.
― Raj, Physicist, Director of Technology, MRO | Unity
For two years, MRO paid my grad school tuition and provided me part time work and job experience while I was in school. That was a great opportunity for me.
― Ryan, Physicist MRO | Ridgeview
I started working for MRO in 1998 and the first thing I noticed was everyone was ‘family’.
― Debora, Medical Secretary, MRO | Ridgeview
The support I have received from my business office buddies to the dosimetrists and MD’s has been over the top.
― Becky, Admin, MRO | Business Office
I have been given a chance to grow here and I have the resources to get the job done.
― Greg, IT, Business Office | Edina
What has made me stay is the people I work with. And the company has done good by me. MRO seems to genuinely care about me and my family.
― Greg, Dosimetrist, MRO | North Memorial

Current Openings

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We provide generous vacation accruals based on longevity with the company. Plus, paid holidays, sick time and extra personal days each year.

Unique Perks

In addition to our great healthcare and 401(k) benefits, MRO offers perks such as generous tuition reimbursement, license, certification and continuing education funds; annual uniform allowance; and a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club.

Work/life balance

Your quality of life is important. Our employees work daytime shifts, Monday through Friday, so you can enjoy plenty of time with family and friends.